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Ye Olde Fashioned Candy Shoppe

Posted by Candy Lady on 3/25/2014
Some strolls down Memory Lane are sweeter than others... If you are old enough to remember the classic old-fashioned candy shop, then it probably takes you more than one shot to blow out all of the candles on your birthday cake. You remember saving up your nickels and dimes from your allowance, or the extra money you earned from helping mow your neighbor's lawn. You'd look at the money in your hand and there was only one thought in your mind.


So, you would dash down to the corner candy store with visions of chocolate dancing in your head. Everything in the store was either a rainbow of colors, or crisp, clean and white. The man behind the counter wore his apron and hat like it was a proud uniform of the candy Army, and he always greeted every customer with a smile. He would always ask "what can I get for you today?" and you would always tell him that you were still making up your mind. Sometimes that was true, and sometimes it wasn't, but every second in that mecca of sweet smells and mouthwatering flavors needed to be savored as long as possible, so you took your time and inspected all of the amazing candy offerings that were on the shelves and in their bulk containers.

Something New or the Old Favorite?

As you stand there in the old-fashioned candy shop, change in hand, you know you'll have to make up your mind soon. Go with your favorite candy, whether it was the jelly beans, the chocolate covered peanuts or those incredible rock candies, or try something new? Is it an adventure today, or just a rendezvous with a sweet old friend. You count out the change in your hand again and start adding up the cost for all of the different goodies you want. You realize that you have enough for a couple of your favorites, but you're just short of what it takes to add on that new type of candy that you'd never seen before, but looked incredibly yummy. Just then, you feel something moving in your pocket. Sure enough, it was a rogue quarter that had hidden away. Now you don't have to make the tough choice, you can get one of each. Life is just too sweet sometimes!
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