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Out of the Box Jelly Bean Flavors

Posted by Candy Lady on 2/27/2014

Jelly beans have come a long way from what they used to be. The normal flavors have now evolved into crazy tasting treats that some people cannot resist trying.

There are several brands of jelly beans, and they all have their own special touch that makes them unique. The special beans can reach certain audiences and scare others away!

There are jelly bean flavors that model popular television shows and movies. Hello Kitty is one of those shows that has a faithful fan base, and its own jellybean flavors. The Hello Kitty collection includes strawberry cheesecake, sour cherry, and many others. Harry Potter has been popular for a few years now. The flavors in that collection include dirt, earthworm, and even soap! They do not sound very appealing but the fans of these shows will taste them out of pure curiosity.

The Bean Boozled Candy Game is featured by Jelly Belly and has flavors that you would never think of. These flavors include baby wipes, skunk spray, and pencil shavings. The game is meant to spark great fun and confusion with the of flavors.

The Soda Pop Shop contains jelly beans that are flavored just like all your favorite soft drinks. Have you ever wanted a candy that compliments your Orange Crush? If you have then these jelly beans are perfect for you. Other flavors include Dr. Pepper, cream soda, and root beer.

Jelly beans are small but they can pack a lot of flavor! The options that are available are endless! Exploring the different themes and flavors could be a very fun hobby for your family and friends.

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