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Must Have Items for Your Home or Work Desk

Posted by Candy Lady on 3/24/2014
When it comes to your desk at home or work there are some items that you simply need to improve your productivity and mood when you are working or studying.  These are all basic items that you can find just about anywhere so you can get them quickly and place them onto your desk.  Make sure to keep these items stocked up well so that you do not run out when you need them most.
Have Some Hard Candy On Your Desk to Stay Alert
Sucking on some hard candy can help to keep you alert when you are putting in a long day of work or studying.  You can choose any flavor that you like best because just putting the candy in your mouth can help to keep you away.  The great thing about this is that it can also prevent you from mindlessly snacking so it helps to save on those extra calories too.
You Always Need Plenty of Pens!
Ink pens go missing and then run dry and this always seems to happen at the worst times.  Keep at least a dozen pens in a cup or pen holder on your desk.  Then, any time that you need a pen you never have to worry about digging around and trying to find one. On that note, post-its are another must-have. Can you even count the times you have been on the phone, and had to scramble for a scrap of paper to write on?
Have a Stapling Gun Available at All Times
There are going to be times when you need to staple papers together and believe it or not, you are likely to use your stapler at least once per week.  Keep your stapler on the top of your desk so that it is in easy reach and keep plenty of extra staples in a drawer so that you can easily refill the staples of your gun whenever you need 
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