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Indulging Grandparents

Posted by Candy Lady on 3/25/2014

We live in a world where families can be scattered across the globe, with family members employed in a vast array of business with worldwide locations.  What this ultimately boils down to is that family members must go to extended efforts to maintain the familial connection with participating in Skyping events, exchanging emails and any and all other available forms of communication with each other.  And while it’s always best when real time visits can occur, there are ways in which doting Grandparents can keep the connection with their young grandchildren alive and flourishing.


The WOW Factor

In the eyes of a child, one commodity alone represents the greatest degree of wealth imaginable, and that is candy.  Yes, richer than money, all the tea in China and more impressive than the most opulent Beverly Hills Estate, candy alone stands as the most impressive property one could own, in the dedicated minds of young children.  And especially when it comes to hard candies, there is such a grand artistic array of colors, shapes and swirls that delight the eye and tempt the olfactory senses to create mouth watering cravings among all ages.


Indulging Over the Distance

While there were days when grandparents often lived in the vicinity, and were able to spend days playing with their young cohorts, there is an increasing number of grandparents who must search out ways to indulge their little ones in a fashion and rite which belongs exclusively to them.  


Candy Travels Well

A bouquet of scrumptiously arranged candies travels well, and serves up delight for any recipient, but especially in the heart of a grandchild.  The array of distinctive colors, textures and packaging represents a feast for the eyes, and the only next best thing would be to be able to watch the recipient’s amazement as they open their package.


Nothing says Love Like Candy

The brimmingly-full candy bouquet you send your grandchild will convey your love like nothing else can!

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