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How to Create a Sweet Candy Bouquet

Posted by Candy Lady on 3/2/2014
Sweeter than flowers, candy bouquets feature candies arranged as a bouquet of blooms. This full-view display makes a big impression for sweet-toothed kids and grownups alike. The project is easy and requires only a few craft items. Each candy is glued to a stick to create stems, then the candy "blooms" are artfully arranged in a vase or basket.

Full-sized candy bars are a popular choice, but small candies, such as Hershey's Kisses, also work well. Choose a wide variety of candies for wow factor, or select candies of similar size and shape for an elegant presentation. Avoid runt-sized bouquets by starting with at least a dozen individual candies, or two dozen for small candies. 

To begin, gather your materials: skewers, a glue gun, a vase or basket and a piece of florist foam cut to fit inside. Using your glue gun, affix a stick to the back of each candy. Choose a container that is deep enough to hold the sticks without hiding the goodies. Place the florist foam inside the container, and push each candy bloom into the foam. If you do not have florist foam, try filling your vase halfway with small weights, such as pennies, beans or even small candies. Arrange your bouquet one bloom at a time, making sure that every piece of candy is visible.

To show how well you know your friend or loved one, choose a candy theme for your bouquet. If your friend loves the sear of hot candies, choose favorites such as Hot Tamales, Warheads, Atomic Fireballs and spicy chili lollipops. Chocolate lovers appreciate a trove of confections, from dark chocolate bars to Hershey's Kisses and Ferrero Rocher. Hard-to-find candies from decades passed create sweet nostalgia for many grown-ups. Choose a particular decade, such as Nerds for an 80s-themed bouquet or Laffy Taffy for the 1960s fan. No matter which candy bouquet theme you choose, you are certain to end up with one happy recipient.
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 How to Create a Sweet Candy Bouquet

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