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Gummi Candy

Lollipops and candy bars are fine for Halloween or for stuffing holiday stockings, but they can be a little boring. They’re sweet, but they’re also ordinary. This year, liven up your gift giving by choosing exotic or “extreme” candies that will have everyone talking and daring themselves to eat. Our gummy candy line-up includes edible farm ants encased in a hard candy coating in flavors like candy apple or cherry, edible crickets coated in flavors like sour cream and onion or cheddar cheese, and edible worm larva spiced with barbecue or Mexican seasonings. If you just want to push the envelope a little bit, try other candies with extreme flavorings like habanero lollipops or extra sour bubblegum and candies. Whatever candy you choose, you’re sure to make gift time more interesting. These candies are also a great choice for classroom treats and giveaways. Kids will get excited to win and gain bragging rights.

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