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Before gum became a way for us to make sure our breath is fresh, chewing bubblegum was about something completely different. It was all about the fun. Sure, chewing may seem to be a particularly fun thing to do, but all the flavors the gums came in made it fun. And then there were the balloons, and all the time spent trying to make the biggest bubble gum balloon in the world… or the class, at least.

In the gum section of our store, you’ll find everything you need to make chewing bubblegum fun again. You’ll find your Razzles, your Double Bubble, your Gumballs and your CHowards. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also find the Cry Baby Extra Sour bubble gum, too.

That’s what we at Candy Outfitters do. We’re dedicated to keeping you young with the magic of candy, and spreading the magic onto new generations. If you want to remember what the joy of chewing and blowing balloons was like, you’re only a click away. You can order your favorite gum bellow, right now.

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