Candy Outfitter's located in Copperas Coves, Texas specializing in
assorted candies to satisfy the sweet memories of childhood with
Jelly belly, Jawbreakers, Licorice, Gummi candy and more.
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It’s safe to say that no one likes candy as much as kids do, and the bond goes beyond the sugar rush – candies mark periods in our childhood. Everyone can probably remember their favorite candy when growing up, and the new one that appeared after it, and then the next one, all the way until other things started to be more important.

So what was your favorite chocolate candy when you were growing up? Junior Mints? Toblerone? Maybe Tootsie Rolls? Or even Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs (yes, it’s been that long)? Candy Outfitters has them in their chocolate candy range. Or you might be a Jelly Belly Prehistoric Eggs fan? Or you couldn't get your hand off of Hershey Zero chocolate bars? You’ll find them too at the Candy Outfitters.

Because that’s what Candy Outfitters do – they provide you with the candy that lets you connect with your childhood. And you can share it with your children too, and let them see what your childhood tasted like. The only you need to do for it to happen is to order your favorite candy below.
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