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Business Spotlight in Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation

Posted by Candy Lady on 7/13/2014
Candy Outfitters
185 W. Hwy 190 Suite # 1 (opening soon)
Owners – Jennifer and Mike White
as told by Jennifer White

The name of our Business is Candy Outfitters “A Fun Candy Store”, owned by The White Family AKA “Jennifer- Candy Lady, Mike- Sugar Daddy, Brooke- Candy Girl and Brandon- Jawbreaker”. 

Back in the early 1990’s we started our family business and grew to operating four candy stores throughout southern California. This was a special time in our lives and we loved every minute of it! Once we started our family, the businesses were sold so we could concentrate on raising our family. Not wanting to give up the sweet life of a candy entrepreneur, we knew we would do it again.  We were sure the day would come again when the time was right to open up another candy store, enabling us to reach out to all our candy lovers and enthusiast’s sweet needs.  Our dreams are now coming true! 

We began our online candy businesses in 2007 and have been serving sweet guests through eBay and shipping candies to over 100 countries, world-wide.  We have always wanted to create a charter store that would evolve into a franchise and allow Military Veterans to have something to look forward to after they retire or separate from the Military service, a sweet affordable concept the whole family can take part in anywhere in the world. (click here to continue reading)

One organization that has helped our dream come true is USAA. Being a Military Family, we looked to them for some financial assistance in moving from our global online presence to a brick and mortar store right here in Copperas Cove.   This journey also helped us realize we are each other’s role models, and without a strong, understanding relationship that relies heavy on communication, respect and understanding, we would not be as successful in business nor our personal lives.

Starting a business is not always easy and there are challenges along the way.  One of our biggest obstacles has been to learn how to sell online to a global market, creating a store that is flexible enough for a Military lifestyle, and re-learn some basic business strategies from when we operated our brick and mortar stores in Southern California.  We were able to overcome these obstacles by trial and error, a lot of patience and asking lots of questions. Utilizing resources such as Economic Development Centers, Industry Magazines and Websites, Networking and attending seminars has also helped to get us moving in the right direction.  We also learned how important patience is as well as a well drawn-out plan.  That is how we have gotten to this point.  We would definitely do this again; experiencing some hard learned lessons along the way made us humble ourselves and ask for help when needed and following our instinct when we felt it.

For those who are thinking about starting a business, some advice we would like to give to is to do what you love! Second, protect yourself, your assets and namesake. Get a patent or Trademark for your protection. You should also hire a professional lawyer, accountant, Web Designer, and Other key personnel to go over contracts, financial documents Website designs and key documents that will come along once you start building your business.  Finally, don’t walk away from your dreams because someone says that you don’t qualify for financing or other reasons. You should find alternative methods to making your dreams come true.

Don’t give up; there is always another way and/or angel to make it work. One must be patient and driven to make it happen!

We can currently be found on our fun websites and Our new physical storefront will be opening soon located at 185 W. Hwy 190 Suite # 1 here in Copperas Cove, TX.  Our new store will offer hundreds of candies, novelty gifts, Ice Cream, specialty drinks, care package/gift wrap shipping services and offering creative sweet solutions for special event venues and candy cart rentals.

We have a huge loyal online Global presence through our websites above and Social Media channels. Please follow us and stay in tune for all our sweet updates:







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